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Introduction to Diaphragm Compressors

Diaphragm compressors are the preferred choice when contamination-free and leak-tight gas compression is required. Diaphragm compression achieves its high purity compression by isolating the pulsating hydraulic fluid from the process gas with a set of triple metallic diaphragms and a set of static seals. The reciprocating piston moves a column of high pressure hydraulic oil through […]

Robotec Systems Gmbh designs a manufactures robotic control system for local use

Control your robot Continued automation of processes within the manufacturing industry in southern Africa is fuelling demand for world-class robotics that will enable local companies to compete on a global stage. Advanced control equipment that ensures the smooth operation of robotics out in the fields is also being used to manipulate the robotics to work […]

Lintec Alumina

Alumina ceramics offer exceptional wear and chemical resistance as well as mechanical and electrical insulation properties. Various specialised materials can be formed into almost any design and shape including intricate and machined components. A full range of alumina ceramic products is available. Common items include: Tiles (Plain, Weld-on, Pipe, Cone, Corner); Rings; Cylinders; Pulley Lagging […]