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New pump increases beer production capacity

Industrial pumps manufacturer Packo Pumps will introduce the biggest centrifugal pump available on the South African market for the food and beverage industry at the end of the year, capable of pumping beer into eight-million 250 ml bottles an hour.

The company notes that globally, demand for increased production capacities and more efficient processes in the food and beverage industry is growing, with the call for stainless steel pumps with a flow rate of over 1000 m³/h being especially pronounced from breweries and other beverage manufacturers. In order to meet this demand, the company launched its Colossus pump last month – an extension of Packo’s MCP3 and MFP3 pump range – weighing 1.6 t and offering a flow rate of 1 200 m³/h with a 200 kW motor.

Packo is, however, undergoing an expansion and renovation to its testing facility, which will equip it with the capability to manufacture and test pumps with a flow rate of up to 2 000 m³/h by the end of the year.

The company further highlights that while many breweries still use cast iron pumps for higher flow rates, the stainless steel design of the Colossus is more hygienic and is likely to become the standard in the food and beverage industry in the future.

The MCP3 and MFP3 pumps are robust executed hygienic process pumps made of cast stainless steel. They are energy efficient and easily maintained, with an electropolished finish that is highly corrosion resistant and easy to clean. The MCP3 and MFP3 ranges are used in a variety of applications, including dairies, breweries and distilleries. The pumps are a robust and reliable option for filtration applications, pasteurization, yeast propagation and in cleaning systems.

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